COGnitive Engineering for Novel Technologies

The COGnitive Engineering for Novel Technologies (COGENT) Lab in Virginia Tech’s Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering conducts basic and applied human factors & HCI research on perception and cognition. The research emphasizes the application of principles and theories from several disciplines to the design of augmented, virtual, and mixed-reality user interfaces, information presentation and interaction.

Perceptual Challenges in Augmented Reality

Examining perceptual underpinnings of AR color, visual acuity, text legibility and depth perception to inform effective interface design.

Augmented Reality in Transportation

Developing an assessment suite of cognitive and perceptual performance metrics for drivers using AR head-up displays.


Industrial Augmented Reality

Mitigating risks and maximizing worker safety when integrating AR technologies into occupational workflows.


User Experience Engineering for Novel Interfaces

Developing new methods for iterative design, prototyping and evaluation of emerging user interfaces.


Augmented Reality in Early STEM Education

Quantifying the benefits of interactive AR experiences on classroom learning in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Human Factors in Data Intensive Sciences

Extending elicitation, user-centered design and evaluation methods to better serve interdisciplinary data-intensive science.

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